Erdmans Sportsmens Club

A Pennsylvania sportmen's club located in northern Dauphin County

The Erdman Sportmens Association raises hundreds of trout each year and releases them in the Mahantongo creek at the  Klingerstown Carnival grounds the first Saturday of May for the kid’s trout rodeo. Free refreshments and prizes are provided for the youngsters at this event. 


The Erdman Sportmens Association has several float boxes that are used to assist the Pennsylvania Fish Commission with stocking trout in the local streams. Club members in waders or boats tow these float boxes down the Mahantongo and Pine creeks stocking the trout. 


Ring-necked pheasant  


Each fall, several hundred ringneck pheasants that have been raised or purchased by the Erdman Sportsmens Association are released in Dauphin,  Northumberland and Schuylkill counties.